About Us

Omni-Fund, Inc. was founded in 1996, and incorporated in 2004. We are a portal that connects future clients with brokers/loan officers so they can find the best deal on the market. We broker with integrity, honesty, and competitiveness. Our product is SERVICE. Our special value-add is FINANCIAL ADVICE. Our competitive edge is OUR PEOPLE; and the 56 plus years’ worth of cumulative experience. As we expand our licensing on a national scale, we are excited that our Omni-Fund family has decided to grow with us.  Our vision is to persistently stay on the cutting edge of the mortgage industry by implementing the most advanced technology to provide our clients with the best possible experience. As they say “life is not about the destination, it is about the journey”.

Our clientele includes our Borrowers, Branch Managers, and Staff. Omni-Fund,Inc. strives to  partner with its clientele, offering sound financial advice, innovative and highly competitive products, as well as outstanding service. Our clientele will be contented with the assurance that Omni-Fund,Inc. maintains integrity and respects confidentiality.  Omni-Fund,Inc. strives to maintain it’s core values in this turbulent mortgage market. Integrity, innovation, industry expertise, relationship building, and a positive attitude will keep the Omni-fund,Inc. family on the road to success. We desire our patrons to rave about our service to their business associates, friends, and families.

Notably, Omni-Fund,Inc. desires to be a companionship that is known by its team members. We would like to be acknowledged as a great place to work, an employer of choice, and a company that cares about its clientele. Omni-Fund,Inc. understands the added value people can bring and encourages innovation. We believe in people to be a competitive advantage. Our ever more sustainable competitive advantage is forged on national expansion; featuring innovative loan products, service culture, efficiency in execution, technology, a national brand presence, and most importantly, our people. In summary we hope to out-execute our competitors because we care more about our people than we do our competitors. While doing this, we expect to have fun.

Corporate Address:
26395 Jefferson Avenue # E
Murrieta Ca 92562

888-682-FUND (3863)


NMLS# 4869
DRE License# 0143-0833